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27th October 2023

Dexter’s Day: Clocks going back?

Me and Mummy and I and we, were having a ‘serious talk’ this morning:
Well, Mummy was being serious coz her eyes weren’t crinkled
But I was just thunking to myself how wufferly it is to be having a lie in
And getting my tummy tickled by my Mummy…..

She was telling me that the clocks go back tomorrow – which seems strange
Coz we don’t have clocks in our house coz Daddy and Mummy use phones
So maybe Mummy is mixed up and the clocks aready went back?

Anyway, I’m supposed to understand this and Stay In Bed Longer, Dexter!
So Mummy doesn’t get up everyday even BEFORE silly o’clock to feed you!

I don’t understand the problem: I wake Mummy up, then we play a lot,
Then I get fed and then Mummy goes back to bed – even without opening her eyes!
So what’s the problem?
It’s dark anyway and going to be even more dark, so it won’t matter.

Except apparently it does – and maybe that’s why the clocks ‘go back’
Coz they don’t like dark either!

I thunk people have a lot to deal with! Me? I just eat and play and eat and eat and eat…..

Wuff and wags
Dexter x