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29th October 2022

Dexter’s Day: Clocks back?

Mummy has just sat me down for a SERIOUS CHAT!

I don’t know why.

I haven’t been naughty – well , no more than normal –

And I’m not in the  Dog House,

So I was thunking, ‘this is strange”….


Seems the clocks go back tonight.

Don’t know where they came from

But they are going back, my Mummy says

So I don’t know how we will tell the time

Unless we look in the phone’s tummy

Coz it has a clock too –

but maybe that goes back too?


It makes me tired thinking about it!

But Mummy says she and Daddy are tired

So, tomorrow, I have got to let them have an ”extra hour”

Coz the clocks have gone back!

Not sure what an hour is and I don’t think I can eat it

BUT it’s my job to wake up Mummy Very Early!

Especially if she won’t have a clock anymore.


I’ll sleep right next to her,

So I can make sure she knows the time

And she can get Straight Up

And make my breakfast

And a Lovely Cup of Tea for her and Daddy-

Then we can PLAY!


I’m going to sleep now

Coz I want to see who comes to take the clocks back

And I am going to Stop Him!


But Mummy has just told me that we will have a WHOLE extra hour together

This weekend

So I’m happy and I thunk I’m going to like the clocks going back!

Especially if Mummy and me and I and her can be together more!


Don’t forget your clocks will go back too.

(Must be a VERY large cupboard where all the clocks are kept!

Hope someone has time to look after them!).

(Time! Get it! I can tell male jokes!

Am Hilarious and am just a Puppy-becoming-bigger, dog!


wuff and wags

Dexter x