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10th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Charming!

Scary Lindsay came to the house again today.

She’s not really scary – she’s wuffly

But she was VERY FOCUSED on todays lesson,

So Mummy and I had to behave.


I enjoyed the lessons very much.


And got some treats!


Lindsay showed us, ”Leave”, “Lay Down”, “Sit” –

and gave BIG cuddles when I did it right!


When Daddy came home, he asked me what had happened.

I ”thunked” the things to him

and gave him my cute eyes

and he was happy but wanted to practice.


He went to the fridge

and got Mummy’s bottle of gin….

”LEAVE”, he said to Mummy in his Business Voice.

Mummy smiled at Daddy and winked at me.

“NOT A CHANCE”, she said –

but she sat down.


I wanted to ring Lindsay to tell her:

Mummy needs to be rewired.

She isn’t doing the right thing to the right command.


I thunked this to Daddy.

He said, ”Now you understand my problem, Dex!”


I smiled but I didn’t really ”get it”.

Mummy is perfect for me.


Mummy just poured a gin

and gave me a big cuddle.


So I was happy!

Even if Daddy wasn’t!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x