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8th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Caring for Mummy

Mummy is very sad because she has lost her Mummy,

So I’m very sad because my Mummy is so sad.

I was thunking to Mummy yesterday and all day,

That’s it’s going to be okay:

I’m here for her and will look after her.

Daddy will help me too

But I have the main job

Coz I’m following her everywhere

and holding her arm in my paw,

When I’m not sitting on her knee.


I’ve been giving BIG cuddles

and lots of licks and snuffles.

Everywhere Mummy goes,

I go with her and make sure she is okay.


I thunked a joke to Mummy to make her smile:

”What do you call a dog who does magic?”

“Labracadabrador” – and I laughed a lot.


Mummy smiled and said, ”No , you call a dog who does magic,

Dexter. ” xx


wuff and wags

Dexter x

(Photo is me looking after Mummy this morning. It’s a serious job, so I had my serious face on!).