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7th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Can I eat it?

Last night, me and Mummy and I and we and us, were snuggled up chatting.
I had my paws on my Mummy’s shoulder coz she seemed a little quiet
But she hasn’t got much of a voice right now and it’s very funny – to Daddy and me
Not to her!

Anyway, Mummy wants a Pumpkin!
I thought Halloween was passed coz the ‘zoom’ brush has been put away till next year –
But Mummy whispered to me that Pumpkin is a 9 months old girl puppy whose parents left her at the side of a road near us!
What’s that all about? How could humans do this but Mummy explained some do and are not nice-
But some are SO nice – and one lady stopped and helped Pumpkin and made her safe and warm.

Now Pumpkin needs a family. And Mummy says we have room on our sofa and in the garden,
And in the car when we drive to where we walk
Maybe not too much room in Mummy and Daddy’s bed – but Daddy can sleep in the spare room –
and we’ve got enough food to share……………

Ah, that’s going to be the problem!
I would like to have a pet. Mummy is a good pet but cannot run fast and isn’t good peeing on trees:
Me and Pumpkin and us and we could, well, wee, everywhere together!
We could run and play and chat and scratch and dig and chew and just have fun.

But she’ll have to get her own food.
So this may be the dealbreaker!

Though Mummy tells me, getting this past Daddy is the REAL problem!
We’ll see.
(Maybe if we tell him we’ve gone to get pumpkin, he’ll think it’s a real one?!).

Wuff and wags
Dexter x