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27th September 2021

Dexter’s Day: Call the Puppy Ombudsman!

I know this diary update is a little early but HELP!

I’ve been a VERY GOOD BOY today!
In truth, I was shattered, so just needed to sleep the day away without human fuss and having to keep the people parents happy.

But by teatime, I was feeling so very much better so decided to accept my Mummy person’s invitation to join her on The Thinking Step.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done this!
She talked and talked – and wouldn’t let me chase the cats not even one waggle!
She cried and explained about all my furry brothers and sisters who’d sat here before and how they each had their own song! Really, I think she needs therapy!

Anyway, after singing to me the ”Molly has a K-not” song then Jake’s , “”I like a hug in the morning” ditty – she suddenly went all silly and made up a song for me!

I mean, really?

I’m a cool, handsome puppy! Do I need a song? No, I need my own clothing range and toys named after me – but a ”Dexter, Diddly diddly dee. Dexter go and have a pee””…….song! I had to lie down.

So all I can think, humans, is that she – and I – need help!

Promise me that when I meet the cute bitch of my dreams and bring her home to, erm, ‘perform” for the parents, NO-ONE will sing one word of the ”Dexter, Diddly diddly dee song”.

Or I’m leaving.

Talk later.
Wuff and wags.
Dexter x