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16th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Busy Boy!

Don’t humans realise how hard it is being a puppy?

I’ve got to grow my legs; catch my tail; investigate my , ”lipstick”; learn to climb higher- and run fast!

I’ve done gardening; cleaning; walking; skipping; digging; destruction – and all before 5am most days!

Today, I’ve had to cook; make a bed for Uncle Mike , (Oh, I’ve got an Uncle Mike!),
Chase Brucie and Harry!
Beat my teddy bear up
And now Mummy wants me to do Yoga?!

What’s that all about!

It’s my job to lie on the carpet, not her’s!
And her arms and legs shouldn’t work like that!

Why is she standing on all fours at last?
If humans did this properly every day, they’d be MUCH more strong!

I’ve skidded on the big water bottle , up and down the garden path
It makes a BIG noise!

Now, I’m tired.
But Mummy wants to cuddle
So I’m hiding on the stairs.

Am only 14 weeks and 4 days for goodness sake!

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x