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22nd February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Busy boy!

I thunk I’ll be getting an increase in my ‘paws money’ coz I’ve been very helpful today!
I’ve been with Mummy to look at a couple of wufferly holiday villas,
To make sure they are ready for the happy people who arrive this weekend.

I thunked they looked great! Mummy wouldn’t let me go into the swimming pools though
(and they looked a bit cold so I wasn’t too bothered about that).
She wouldn’t let me jump on the beds to try them or sit on the seats either,
So I couldn’t test how nice they were – but they looked very good to me!

Mummy was going shopping later, to get some ‘bits and pieces’ in for the guests:
I thunked I’d go with her but I couldn’t coz she was worried I’d eat these –
And I would have done. Just to test them out too!

There are some lovely villas. I wuff the gardens very much too
But I didn’t pee in them coz Mummy would have got cross with me
and I’m scared of her when she shouts!
(So is Daddy: he’s hiding in his phone at the moment!).

I wuff my job coz I go out with my Mummy.
she worked hard today so I’ve taken her for a walk on the lead
So she doesn’t run away coz I heard her say that she’d like to,
After talking to a customer on the phone!
I cannot let this happen coz she’s my Mummy and I need her here to feed me stuff!

wuff and wags
Dexter x