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31st October 2023

Dexter’s Day: Brush strokes

I was a little bit worried today when I saw Mummy getting the broom out of the cupboard!
I’m a bit scared of this – and of Mr Hosepipe -and Mummy chases me with each of them!

Phew! I thought she was going to sweep me away
But Daddy said, she was putting the Broom ‘on charge’ coz she’s got to fly tonight…..

Hope she’s not flying very far coz I miss her when she’s not here –
and where will she put her suitcase to take her stuff with her on her travels.

Daddy says, ‘its magic’ and no suitcase is needed.
I thunk he’s wrong! Mummy never goes anywhere without stuff and lipstick and more lipstick,

(Am going to investigate this brush for secret compartments. I thunk there must be some, somewhere.)

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x