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9th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Broken Heart.

We’ve broken Mummy’s heart.

Well, Daddy did but he asked me to ”take one for the team”

(Not sure what that is? Can I eat the ”one”?).

Anyway, I thunked to him that I would pretend it was all my fault,

Coz I knowed how much Mummy loved this heart

Coz Aunty Twosheds bought it for her-

and it has ”special meaning”.

(I knowed this coz I’ve knocked it over a few times

And Mummy got her ”cross face” on and said, ”Dexter”

in her not-so-tough voice!

This time, the heart well and truly broke

By accident

But it’s smashed so Mummy was sad…..


I’m not in the Dog House though: Mummy still cuddled me

But she didn’t cuddle Daddy coz he’s too poorly –

and it also looks like ”Í’ve” just broken wind too!


What a busy day I’ve had!

wuff and wags

Dexter x