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27th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Boys afternoon!

Me and Daddy and I and we, went on a ”boys afternoon”!

Daddy was very busy with work on pools and needed to look at them

So he took me with him so I could see too!

I did the ”sniff” test to see if the work was good – and it was!

So we drove to the next pool – and that was great too!

Daddy said, ”work is finished Dex. You’ve been good”….

so he took me to the Big Scary Sea – and I swammed!


And it was SO cold, it made my tingles, tingle!


Then I’d been Such a Good Boy,

Daddy took me to a Field Far Away

Where no-one was there to distract me

And nothing there for me to chase –

And he let me off the lead!! For A.G.E.S.

So I ran and ran and ran and ran and smiled and ran –

Then flumped.

So he brought me home to sit on Mummy’s knee

and get a BIG Good boy cuddle!


I’m a happy, tired doggy.

Wuff and wags

Dexter  x

ps Daddy, do I get wages for working? x