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24th May 2024

Dexter’s Day: Boy stuff.

I thunk I’m a very lucky boy coz I’ve got two very lovely boys here in my house and they play with me!

Well, they don’t really play with me: they are too busy doing ‘boy stuff’ but I thunk , as I’m a boy, I can copy them

Or at the very least, spoil their fun by stealing their things and making them chase me!

I am very good at stealing goggles and shoes and pens and paper – and hats!

I’m also very good at running around the pool at full speed so I can chase them too!

It’s only day 3 and they haven’t learned yet that they have to share their toast with me

Though I did get a piece of waffle this morning-

and a good telling off from my Mum for being naughty and stealing a T shirt!

They’ve gone out for the day so I thunk I need a good sleep so I’m ready for them when they get home.

wuff and wags

Dexter x