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24th October 2023

Dexter’s Day – Bobi the Magnificent!

Mummy and Daddy showed me a photo of Bobi, the oldest dog in the world,
Who got special Angel Wings yesterday to take him to Heaven to rest.
He was 31 years and 165 days old!

He was a very handsome dog and I thunk we could have been very good friends!
Especially as he liked to eat and only ate human food plus didn’t go on a lead : he just played!

Mummy told me I had to live another 29 years and 83 days to be the same age as Bobi!
Then she got sad and said she wouldn’t be here with me then coz she’d be in heaven
So I don’t want to get THAT old – unless I can live with people who feed me
And let me sleep in their beds
And take me for very long walks
And talk to me about everything.
and tell me secrets!

I’m very happy for Bobi but very sad for his people because they will miss him very much
But he will be in their hearts and their thoughts forever – and thoughts are living things!

Bobi was a very special dog – but all animals are special and people are lucky to have them!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x