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3rd July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Birthday Boy!

It’s official!

I’ve finished being months old and am ONE years old today!

I’m a Big Boy – and I can get treats!

And I can EAT THEM!

Am SOOOOO Happy!

I’ve had three sausages for my breakfast

(Well Daddy and Mummy think only one

but I got a treat of each of their friends too – sshh! ).

Mummy gave me the ”bumps” for my birthday –

actually I thunk that she was trying to push me off from lying on her

But I pretended it was birthday bumps.

Daddy is giving me extra scratches and cuddles –

And Brucie cat has sung to me!

(because I ate his breakfast and he was angry so was probably shouting).


I WUFF being a growed up!

Am going to behave – badly.

Play – lots

Be naughty – always

and sleep A LOT – coz that’s what we elders do.


Happy Birthday to me – and happy day to all of the animals out there who don’t have people to celebrate with.

Come to my house!

We will have a PARTY!


Wuff and birthday wags

Dexter x