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3rd July 2023

Dexter’s Day: Birthday Boy!

It’s my birthday today and I’m TWO today!

I thunk it’s going to be a very good day coz I’ve had two breakfasts already:

Mine and the tuna the cats were going to get!

And I’ve played hide and seek with Harry cat – which made Mummy angry –

But Harry won and has gone off to play on the hill now.

The birds are fed; Brucie and Scrappy are fed; Mummy and I are off to walk

Then, when the house is quiet, I’m going to have a PARTY!

Rude Angel, Gorilla, Shaun, Caterpillar, Dad’s pants and Aunty Jane’s shoe,

Are all invited.

So are cushions and throws and plants.

I’ll gather them all together and we will sing and throw stuff around!

Mummy will be SO happy that I am doing my own party……..


Happy Birthday to everyone and every animal and every angel, celebrating today.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x