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2nd November 2022

Dexter’s Day: Birds and the Bees!

It’s ”that ” time!

Mummy sat me down to have , ”The talk”.

Daddy thunked it’s too early

But Mummy says I’m old enough for it…..

So, she began, “Dexter, I need to explain the birds and the bees to you”.


Oh, this is wufferly I thunked!


So I ran in a BIG CIRCLE and smiled at Mummy out loud.

I thunked to her, ”Mummy  don’t worry!”

“I know ALL about them!”

“the birds are the little things that fly into the garden-

and you feed them in the mornings,

so they get too fat and the cats chase them-

but the cats aren’t fast enough so the birds fly off!

And the bees are the small, chunky things that tease me on the window:

They thump against the glass and I try to bite them

But they fly away quickly!

So I go to the garden and chase them through the flowers –

But they are TOOOO quick for me”.


Thunking about it seriously, I need to ask Mummy for Wings for Christmas:

then I could fly after the birds and the bees!


(Mummy looks tired: she’s given up talking – which isn’t like her –

but I’m SO clever, she didn’t need to tell me anything:

Daddy is the same!)

wuff and wags

Dexter x