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25th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Big school?

Mummy says I am old enough to go to ”’Big School” now!

Because I’m 11 in dog years!

(Wot’s a ”dog year”? Can I eat it?)

Anyway, I thunked I was only one year and 7 months old –

But Daddy says dogs age quicker than people –

(He hasn’t looked in the mirror for a while I think LOL!) –

And Mummy says I’m perfect and at a perfect age

BUT big enough to go to school…..


So do I get books? (Coz I can chew them!)

And shoes? (coz I can eat them!)

and a uniform ? (Coz it”s getting a little cold at the moment)



Let me go to school ! I CAN EAT SCHOOL DINNERS!

And get treats for being a Good Boy!


Off to clean my teeth ready for Big School…..

wuff and wags

Dexter x