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5th May 2023

Dexter’s Day: Big Responsibility!

I’ve had a very busy week!

Am in Big Charge of Aunty Carole and Uncle Mike, who are staying in my house.

They are wufferly and give me lots of treat and cuddles and play.

Everyday, I have to check their bed is comfortable so I dive bomb them

then block the doorway so they don’t fall down the stairs,

Then try their food before they eat it so they don’t get poisoned,

Then go to the pub with them and my parents

AND then take Uncle Mike and Daddy for a walk!

It’s a LOT for a dog  to do!

Yesterday, the Giants came to see my visitors and I had to entertain them

AND then last night, I took all of the humans to Yialos for tea

Coz my Aunty Jane person and Uncle Steve were coming too!


I wuff my people!

But I couldn’t eat a whole one!

(but I can eat the chicken which the chef at Yialos gives me!).


Happy Days!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x