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15th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Big Boys’ Breakfast!

It’s Bank Holiday here in Cyprus.

Not sure what a Bank Holiday is?

(Can I eat it?).

I like Bank Holiday today.

Because my Daddy and I are sharing Big Boys Breakfast!


There isn’t anything for girls.

(Mummy is a girl – though I thunk she may need to be ironed:

The girls on TV are smooth. Mummy is a little wrinkled….)

(Ouch! I’m in BIG TROUBLE – but so is Daddy

Coz he told me to say that!).


Anyway, me and Daddy have had SAUSAGES!

Then more SAUSAGES!

With Red Sauce on – coz we only like Red Sauce.

(Not sure about that: I’ll eat the brown later).


And we are having BEEF for tea.

But I thunk we have to share that with Mummy.

Though I’ll give her, ”Cute Eyes”

And she’ll feed me hers.

It works EVERY TIME!


Me and Daddy are now watching TV


But we are being good and lifting up our paws

So Mummy can sweep underneath.

AND we’ve left her all of the dishes from our Big Boys Breakfast.


I thunk Mummy is very lucky to have us two boys –

and Mummy thunks she is going out for the day

And leaving us ”to it”….


Wuff and wags

Dexter x