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3rd September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Being in Big Charge!

I thunk am going to have to talk to the management
Or find a good union who will take my case to ‘Them’.
Well, I’ve been in Big Charge of my parents since I rescued them –
and with them , I got to take responsibility for my god parents , aunties and uncles
and the Giants!
Now, I’ve had to spend a whole lifetime of a week, in charge of some of our family:
I don’t mind: Max, my great nephew, plays really good and Lily, gives great cuddles
But it’s hard work!
When one of them goes into the house, I go with them
When they come out, I come with them.
When they are asleep , I watch over them – and sneak into their rooms!
Then when they are showering, I sneak in and take their towels.
And shoes, clothes, books, pressies and anything else I can get hold of!

I have to run to meet them and run after the ball with them.
Then I lie down – and they come and wake me!
It’s SO busy!

I’m not even being paid –
well, that’s not true; they each feed me and I don’t tell them someone already has!

Big Charge is a good job! I’m not really complaining but if you feel sad for me, feed me now!

Wuff and wags
and thoughts for Bear who took his Angel wings today xx

Dexter x