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16th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: Being Busy

Me and Mummy

and Mummy and Me

and I and Mummy and I and me (?),

Have been VERY BUSY today!


I thunked Mummy was a little sad this morning

Coz there was water coming from her eyes

So I snuffled and dive bombed her

then she laughed and we got up EARLY!


She told me not to look so worried,

I thunk I had my ”growed up” face on-

The one where my forehead wrinkles –

But I gave her ”cute eyes” and jumped on her

So all was good.


We decided to make soup.

Mummy makes it and I eat the bits on the floor.

Then I get treats for being a VERY GOOD BOY

And leaving ”just enough room”

For Mummy to move in the kitchen.

(I have to stay close: she may need me!).


Mummy didn’t seem to like the soup

Coz she ‘beat it up’ with a very loud machine

To make soft stuff for Daddy.


He”s been to the Dentist:

(What’s a dentist? Can I eat it?);

And he wasn’t very happy when he got home!

He had his ”face on” that happens when he watches balls on TV

Or Mummy tells him off!


Anyway, he ate the soup

Then I ate the potato Mummy had also made for him.


I’ve been very busy all day – and I need a sleep!

Mummy kept talking to me

And telling me stories

So I had to keep my tail wagging

So she knew I was listening

and now I’m shattered!


I thunk it’s an early night for me

And Daddy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x

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