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25th April 2022

Dexter’s Day: Beach Babe!

I’m definitely my ”Daddy’s Dog” –

Or so Mummy said yesterday –

And she was laughing coz her eyes crinkled

And she didn’t have her ”cross face” on!

Daddy was laughing too – but only when he got his breath back!


You see, Daddy was on his little machine

So Mummy had to hold me on my lead

While I took her for a walk along the coastline-

Then I saw something SO LOVELY,

I just had to jump down the wall and RUN.


And Mummy couldn’t jump or run

So she let the lead go and shouted for Daddy to help.


I got there first!

This beautiful lady and friends,

Were lying on their tummies on the beach


So I ran to them, jumped onto one of them-

And Cuddled Her!

Very Enthusiastically!


I think she was giggling but her head was in the sand.

Her friends were laughing

Even when Daddy arrived and pulled me away.

Daddy kept saying ”sorry”, ”he’s only a puppy” –

And I was thunking to myself! ”That was FUN”

I’m going to do that again!


Mummy was trying not to laugh

but she did when she saw that the beautiful lady didn’t mind!


(I’m meeting her again next week but don’t tell Mummy!).

Wuff and wags

Dexter x