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19th April 2024

Dexter’s Day: BBQ weather!

Me and Mummy and Daddy and we and us and our friends, love BBQs!

We have them up in Pikni forest, where I can run about and play –

and on the seafront, where I can watch the world go by and talk to other doggies.

And sometimes, at home, where I can be extra naughty and sneak food from the kitchen!

My favourite BBQ is anything with food – coz I can EAT IT ALL!

I wuff sausages. Lots of them. And Pork Chops and steak and more sausages.

I don’t eat salads or veg: Mummy can have those!

The weather is so wufferly that I’m thunking we should have a BBQ this weekend

But apparently ‘we’ are working so we cannot –

So I am going to hide in the car with the BBQ stuff and send out hints to my parents.

Will start a petition: Dexter Needs BBQ! Will you sign?


Wuff and wags

Dexter x