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19th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: BBQ fun

I had a wufferly day yesterday. We packed up the car, got Mummy sitting safely and headed to the coast at Coral Bay.
It was Green Monday – and we joined the families along the coastline, flying kites (them not me) and eating (me -then me some more!).
My friends, Bill and Ben doggies came too: they are tiny and I have to be careful with them but I wuff to play chase with them.
They are lucky coz they have each other – so I gave Mummy my ‘cute eyes’ to ask for a pet but Daddy was watching and said, ‘no’.

Mummy and Daddy and me and us and them and many friends, including the Giants and Aunty Jane, all had fun and chatted and eat tons (well, most I did).

When I got home, I was SO tired that I fell off the bed, dreaming of sausages and the pork chop with ‘got away’. But I caught it and ate it!

Daddy says I’m a good boy coz I sat in the back of the car and ‘cleaned ‘ all of the BBQ trays. They tasted good! (Don’t worry: Mummy will wash them properly. Maybe!)

I wuff Green Monday – but I wuff EVERYDAY!
Happy Tuesday
Wuff and wags
Dexter x