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17th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: Batteries not included!

Harry Cat needs new batteries.

(I didn’t thunk cats had batteries?

Double AA or AAA –

and miow do you change them?)

(I’m so funny! I made a joke!)


It’s because Harry’s voice is getting  louder

and louder and louder – then squeaks!

He shouts for his breakfast

and for his tea

and I thunk that he shouts for me

To come to the gate to annoy him!


Me and Harry are ”paw pals” –

We punch each other under the gate!


Holly, Harry’s sister, isn’t noisy.

Nor is Emma cat but Brucie is SO noisy!

He shouts ALL of the time about EVERYTHING!

Especially when I’m  outside sleeping –

Then I think  he does it to wake me up!


I’m going to learn to shout LOUDLY!

I’ve got a bark but I don’t like to use it very much.

Only for ”special occasions”

Though sometimes  a bark ”escapes”

and gives me a fright!


Mummy says I cannot change Harry’s batteries.

That’s made me sad –

Coz I’ve spent FOREVER watching him

And I know where to put them –

I found the place, hee hee………..


Wuff and wags

Dexter x

Photo of Harry The Handsome but now his battery compartment!