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7th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Balls!

I thunk am a very lucky dog!

I got SO many presents for Christmas –

and empty boxes and paper to rip up:

I just don’t know what to play with first!


My favourite things are balls.

I like to throw them around the room,

or drop them on the kitchen floor,

Coz Mummy slips on them and it makes me laugh!

So she hides them from me

While she is ”busy” –

So I steal red onions and throw them instead!

Coz they are round and they roll and they are good to throw!


Daddy gave me a ”Good Talking To”, this morning

About balls.

He says he is going to have them ”snipped”.


This worries me coz how will I be able to throw them

If they aren’t round anymore?


Humans are funny!


wuff and wags

Dexter x