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4th October 2022

Dexter’s Day: Baking .

I’ve been VERY BUSY this afternoon.

My Mummy got home early from work

and told me we were going to bake!

I love baking!

Coz I can EAT IT!

But not when it’s being made,

Only when it comes out of the oven

and Daddy has finished

And Mummy has had some

and it’s not TOO hot!…..




Anyway, Mummy and I and Me and Mummy have baked

And there is flour EVERYWHERE!

It’s great fun and I have run off with the pastry brush!

Mummy didn’t chase me.

She just sighed and said, ”Oh Dexter”,

So I felt bad

For a nanosecond

Then came back to the kitchen

and forgot what I’d done with it!


We are having pies for tea.


Daddy and Mummy are having pies for tea.

I’m having Dexter Food

Which is ANYTHING I can steal

and lots of it!


The kitchen smells very good.

So does me

Coz Daddy bathed me on Sunday

Ready for Mummy coming home –

But I’m not speaking to Mummy yet

Coz she left me



She will need to feed me pies, hee hee

Then I’ll thunk about looking at her

While I let her scratch my tummy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x