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10th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Baking Hot!

Me and Mummy have been up baking since 5am!

(Mummy and I! Whoops! It IS Sunday!).

I am thunking Mummy maybe didn’t WANT to be up at 5am

And didn’t really want to start baking then –

But I have to ”keep her on her toes”,

So when she took a Lovely Cup of Tea back to bed

I followed her!

And jumped on her

And made her a bit angry

Coz I wouldn’t let her have a lie in!

(Well, it was now 5.20 and the birds were singing!).


Daddy slept through.

He’s in the other room coz he’s still not well

So Mummy and I shared a WHOLE bed to ourselves –

With gorilla and teddy and rude angel and crocodile and two plants pots.

It was  GREAT FUN!

Mummy kept throwing them onto the floor for me

So I threw them back at her.

Then we’d snuggle and play fight

Then Mummy would get  her ”angry face” –

So I did ”cute eyes”- and how we laughed!

Well, I thunk that I laughed – Mummy looked like she was going to cry!


So we all got up.

Mummy said she was, ”giving up” – but she didn’t.

She baked and baked and made stuff out of stuff we didn’t have the right stuff for.

So I know Daddy probably won’t eat it –


I’m a Big Silly Dog and I eat EVERYTHING!


Now the sun has come out and it’s hot.

So I’m going to go and have lie down

Coz Mummy is busy on her computer.


Happy Sunday!

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x