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17th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Baby Steps

I thunk I’m a Very Good Boy!

Well, apart from when I steal the potatoes

And rub the mud over the chairs!

And I like to destuff the cushions,

And spread the ”stuff” all around the garden!

Oh, yes and I’ve been digging up more plants

And biting the heads off the pretty flowers…..

But apart from all that,

I’m a Very Good Boy!


Mummy thunks I am.

She keeps telling me while I’m snuffling her.

And I let her lie in today

And didn’t steal all of the covers

Plus I got into the bath and got smelly!

And I took my people for a Very Long Walk.


So I’ve been very busy, being a Very Good Boy,

Coz I love my  Mummy and Daddy

And I want to help Mummy ”keep walking forward”.


She’s sad – but she shouldn’t be

Coz I know that all of the angels are here

But I don’t share my food with them!


Day by day – we are doing okay together x

Wuff and wags

Dexter x