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4th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Apprenticeship!

I’m a plumber!

Not sure what a plumber is –

Can I eat it?

(No, then I’d have to eat myself, ha ha-

though I try to do that for fun!).


Anyway, I’ve had a Very Busy Week!

The men are repairing the Smelly Bathroom

And they have been kind to me:

They’ve ”given ” me their tools (?)-

Or at least , I’ve found them

And picked them up

And hidden them –

so the men have had to chase me!

It’s been Great Fun!


Mummy has been a little upset with me!

One day, her eyes starting leaking

Coz she was So Very Tired of chasing me.

So I ”thunked” sorry  and gave her cute eyes

and promised NEVER to do it again –

Then the plumbers came back again

And we played again -and again….


The Smelly Bathroom repair

is taking a Very Long Time!

I think these plumbers need to work quicker

And stop playing with me.

If they leave me with my own tools,

Well, theirs that I’ve taken

And bring some more

They can be quicker

And then we can play good again!

(Wonder if I’ll get paid for my help?

Then I can buy biscuits

And won’t need to wait for the

Big Scary Wooden Cupboard to open!)


Wuff and wags.

A very busy, Dexter x

ps the photo is of my very own ”tool kit”! It’s so rude! Mummy is out, so I’m being naughty!