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24th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Anniversary!

It’s our Anniversary!

Am so excited!

(What’s an Anniversary? – can I eat it?).


Seems it’s 34 years today since we got married.

I don’t remember getting married –

and I’m too young anyway.

I’m only a puppy!


But it’s making my parents happy,

So that’s good.

We are going to celebrate

With food!

But Daddy wants socks.

I heard him ask Mummy.

Seems a funny thing to want

But his feet are cold I suppose.

I’ll have to sit on them to keep him warm.


We are also making dinner for tomorrow


And I’m 6 months old – so it’s my Anniversary too!

But I don’t want socks.

I just want food and walks and cuddles.


Am going to help Mummy make the food today .

Well, I’m not really. I’m going to play

Coz my people are coming to help

And they’ll need me to keep them happy.


Think I’ll have a rest now

So I’m fit for later…..

I like Anniversaries!


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x