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14th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: Aminals!

My Godfather is an Aminal!

Not sure wot one of these is –

Can I eat it?

Anyway, my Daddy called him an ”aminal”

But Mummy said this was because of drinking from wet glasses!


(I thunk Mummy is going mad:

All glasses are wet when stuff is in them!)


Mummy sent me with the Aminals last night

To Yialos, for a walk (short) and beers (lots and long night).

I thunk my job was to look after the herd

and make sure they behaved.

Which they did

Quite badly –

As did Mummy and the ladies

When they turned up!


I thunk I had a few drinks myself –

The lady in Yialos loves me and brings me water

But I got VERY TIRED from being ”In Big Charge”

So am going to have a sleepy day at home

With my toys and pants and plant pots and things.


Being a Growing Puppy-into-big-dog

Is VERY hard work!

It makes me tired.

I thunk wet glasses also make aminals tired

But they also make them smile.

Which makes me smile

Coz I wuff my people and the aminals!


wuff and wags

Dexter x