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18th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: All growed up!

Daddy and me and us and we, have had a Very Serious Talk!
I was thunking to him yesterday, about my new girlfriend – and Daddy said we needed to talk.
He wanted to tell me about the birds and the bees- but I feed the birds and chase the bees,
So I didn’t thunk there was any need to tell me anything more about them.

But it seems there was – and it was SERIOUS stuff!
Daddy said he’s not too worried coz I don’t have ‘parts’ anymore –
Though I’m not sure what ‘parts’ are missing: I thunk I’m a hunk and so does my Mummy!
Anyday, seems I cannot do ‘any harm’ but I have to treat her very nicely.

I thunked back to Daddy, that I will treat her very well – but she cannot have my treats!
I’ll let her sniff my butt and walk with me and we can push and play –
but it stops at her coming home for tea – coz the food is MINE and I can eat it!

Seems I’m a Grown Up now! Am also in Big Charge of Mummy while Daddy is away working –
and that’s easy coz she’s a pushover and is wrapped around my paws –
But I’ll still be kind to her too – (I have to be: she can open the scary cupboard!).

Daddy says it’s okay to be ‘all growed up’ and still need cuddles and sleep,
So am off to sit on Mummy’s knee and give her ‘cute eyes’ coz she’s cooking chicken –

Happy Sunday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x