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7th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Abracadabra!

I’m only a puppy.
I cannot say big words yet.

I cannot say ANY words yet!
But I’ve got a BIG woof.
It comes from my boots, my Mummy says.
Which is very strange.
Because I don’t wear any!

Anyway, I ”thinked” a big, magic word
and sent it to the Big Wooden Door.
It wouldn’t open.
So I couldn’t get to my biscuits.

I jumped up and down instead.
But I couldn’t reach the thing that opens the door.
(No, not Mummy. She’s not a thing! She’s my Mummy!)

So I ran VERY FAST and hit the wood.
But it still didn’t open!
AND it hurt my head!

So I gave it ”offerings”:
Rude Angel; my favourite teddy; Mummy’s slipper and gorilla.
But it doesn’t want to eat them.
So it stayed shut.

I’m tired now.
So am going to sleep until it’s biscuit time again.
Then, when Mummy opens the door,
I’m going to RUSH in and hide inside!

After I’ve eaten my biscuits VERY FAST!
I love biscuits
But I don’t love the big wooden door.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x