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2nd November 2023

Dexter’s Day: A strategy for dealing with cats.

I thunk it’s a bit of a cheek, that a cat has moved into Yialos!
It’s MY place – and I don’t thunk I like this cheeky little thing, taking over!

There is plenty of room at Yialos – and I’ve got my favourite place by the seafront
But Ginger, prances in; flicks his tail at me, then sits on the steps staring at me.
AND people stroke him!
AND they give him food!
What’s the world coming too?!

I have to keep quite close to my people to make sure they don’t run away
Or I’d chase after this cat and tell him ‘what’s for!’

I mean, I’ve been going there for sundowners FOREVER – and he’s just slunked up and moved in!

Worse, when I get home, Brucie and Scraggy cat are curled up outside on my favourite chairs
Shouting at Mummy for food and water
And they have the cheek to look like they live in my house.
(Well, I suppose they do in a way).

Anyway, Daddy says I should have a ‘strategy’ to deal with cats:
does anyone know what a ‘strategy’ is and where I can find one?
Can I eat it?
Ah, or is the strategy that I EAT the cats!

Only joking! I wouldn’t eat a cat or even bite one – but I DO like to chase them….

wuff and wags
Dexter x