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6th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: A Serious Chat!

I might be a puppy

But I think a whole lot about stuff:

mainly stuff to eat

or stuff to destroy

or stuff to chase –

But stuff all the same.


I don’t understand the need of humans

To tidy up all of the time:

I LIKE the floor covered in toys and bits

and hazards and slippy things.

Why clean up food from plates

Hiding them in the noisy, bad tempered machine?

Just give the plates to me:

I’ll lick them clean

And save the water!


Speaking of water,

What’s the point of lying in it,

Filled with bubbles

When you get out and I cover you in mud?

It doesn’t make sense!


Then you tell me off for making a noise

Before speaking on the little machines

AND turning the TV up at the same time.

It’s just not right….


But you humans walk on two legs

Though you have four limbs

So I shouldn’t be surprised by you!


I still love my Mummy and Daddy

And my people

And the cats

And food –

I LOVE food!


Be happy!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x