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5th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: A Pet?

It’s a very stormy day.

Mr Thunder is fighting with Mr Lightning;

The sky is crying it’s eyes out-

And I’m tucked up in bed

Between my Mummy and my Daddy.


It’s okay.

I’ve just been to the toilet.

Mummy leaves the balcony doors open for me,

So I’ve ”been” then played for a while

With my  Teddy

In the puddles and the tears.


Now we are both safe

Tucked up on the covers.


Daddy seems to be a bit annoyed with me:

”Why are you wet?”, he said.

“Because the sky is crying,””  I thought to him.

”you shouldn’t be on this bed”,

he continued.

“But I am”, I thought back –

Then I snuggled closer to Mummy….


“Shall we get you a pet”, Mummy asked me.

”A Pet?”, I thunked again.

“Something to play with and look after,”

She continued’,

”Coz you are such a big puppy now”,

“But I’ve got you , Mummy”,  I thought in my LOUDEST think.

”Why would I want another Pet?”


Daddy must have heard because he said,

“Why would he need a pet, Wife?

He has the two of us and the cats

and we are all the playthings he needs”.


I smiled my cute eyes!

Daddy gets it.

Now let’s play making the bed REALLY muddy!


Happy Sunday.

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x