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22nd October 2021

Dexter’s Day: a note from Mummy Human

Once upon a time – okay, only in the recent months, we’ve lived in a house which is clean;
easy to walk around without looking where you are going.
Been able to put shoes down without worrying.
Been able to eat without expecting an ”object” flying through the air to steal food!

We’ve nurtured a garden.
And plants. And Herbs. And Spices And THINGS WE LOVED!

But now, we have Dexter.
And he is everywhere!
Even in places we didn’t expect him to be
Especially with sharp teeth!

But he is here
And we are SO HAPPY

But he is SO NAUGHTY and his teeth are SO SHARP!

But what do we do?

Wuff you and love your waggs Dexter
Mummy xx