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3rd May 2024

Dexter’s Day: A Good Friday!

It’s Easter Weekend here and today is Good Friday.

Mummy was telling me all about it this morning as she was tickling my tummy.

I wasn’t really listening: I was thunking about eating – but I pretended to be listening so she’d keep tickling me!

It’s a very special day : I know that much. And it’s also very special coz I’ve got my Mummy home with me and that is wufferly.

Mummy was telling me it’s also a good Friday for catching up on washing/cleaning/ironing and sorting out ‘stuff’ – but I’m not really interested in any of that.

I thunk I’m going to thunk to her that it’s the best Friday to simply sit still and be together – so she’ll keep tickling me!

However you celebrate today or feel about today, have a wufferly, peaceful Good Friday.

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x (ps the photo is of me eating my Easter sheep!)