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28th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: A few of my favourite things!

I like being a doggy.

I like being naughty and nice,

Giving ”cute eyes” and getting cuddles –

And I love my friends, Rude Angel, Shawn, Santa and Gorilla.

Tree is one of my bestest friends.


Today, I’ve had a Really Good Day!

I was allowed to dive bomb Mummy and Daddy’s bed,

Then Mummy opened the Big Scary Wooden Door

And gave me BIG BREAKFAST!


Then Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve came for a PlayDate!

Then I went to the beach for a RUN!

I love the sand:

I can bounce and run and dig and, if I come back,

I get treats from my Daddy.

It was raining and muddy as well!


Then we went to the PUB!

I didn’t have a beer.

neither did Mummy or Daddy ,

(Are they ill?)

But I gave ”cute eyes” to the waitress

And she gave me HAM!

Then the man at the next table,

Brought some of his sausages for me



We were coming out of the pub

And a very nice old man

Wanted a cuddle with me.

He looked sad

So I gave him DOUBLE cuddles

And my ”happy face”

And licked him very hard.


He was happy –


It’s been a Very Good Day!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x