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31st December 2021

Dexter’s Day: A Festive 48 hours!

Now I’m in BIG CHARGE,

I’ve been very busy.

I put my parents, god parents and aunty and uncle

Into the cars,

With lots of food FOR ME!

Okay, it wasn’t but when I give them cute eyes,

They give me treats!


Anyway, they packed only 15 of my toys,

Because we were only going away for 48 hours

But they took my bed

Which they shouldn’t

Coz my bed is MUMMY!

I snooze and sleep cuddling her!


So we’ve been to Omodos

Where I met a very friendly hunting dog

Who came and had lunch with us.

I liked him.

We sniffed and wagged and will keep in touch.


Then we went to choose two very pretty houses

In the village where there were kittens!

I love kittens.

But I won’t eat a full  one!

Only joking: Brucie, Harry and Emma cats


Apart from my Mummy , Daddy and people,

So I wouldn’t hurt a kitten at all.

But they didn’t like me anyway so wouldn’t play….


ANYWAY, I keep rambling like my Mummy does:

So we choose our house and decided to go out for dinner.

But we didn’t.

We stayed in and drank wine and gin.

I didn’t.

I only like wine.

And Beer

And whiskey.

But it was good fun and I talked to EVERYBODY in the house.


Then I took my parents and people to see the snow!

It was SOOOOO cold!

And SOOOO wet!

And SOOOO scary driving to the mountains.

So I didn’t drive.

I let Daddy drive

And I just leaned over the back seat

and kissed people on the head !!


I wrote my name in the snow!

It was yellow!

I don’t like snow

But I do like the restaurant near the snow

Coz I could lie next to the fire and get warm.


Then I took EVERYONE to dinner

For a meze

Coz I gets LOTS of little treats.

But I fell asleep!


Am home now.

I like holidays.

I like Omodos

I don’t like being cold

But I do like the cuddles afterwards.


I think it’s COOL being a puppy

Especially one who goes EVERYWHERE

And can sniff friendly dogs

And sleep on MUMMY without being in Big Trouble!


My name is DEXTER , The Travelling Dog!

Happy New Years Eve.

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x