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4th February 2023

Dexter’s Day: A cunning plan!

Daddy is working today so he left home even before silly o”clock.

Mummy and I and her and me and we, had a cunning plan:

As soon as Daddy brought Mummy her ‘lovely cup of tea”,

Mummy was going to reset the alarm, snuggle down

And go back to sleep!

My Cunning Plan was Very Different, me thunks:

As soon as Daddy left the house and Mummy had her lovely cup of tea,

I watched her snuggle down after the alarm was reset –



And she shouted at me and gave me her Angry Face,

So I laughed and stole the remote for the aircon,

So she had to get up and chase me!


It was great fun!

I ran and ran and went round and round the furniture,

Up and down the stairs,

On and off the settees and back up the stairs and onto the bed!


My Cunning Plan worked!

Mummy is now wide awake –

And I’m snoring happily on her bed!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x