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15th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: A Cougar!

Oh, I’m only a puppy!
But I’ve got another girlfriend!

She’s a ”Cougar” according to Mummy –
But she isn’t:
She is a white labrador

We meet every night when I walk my humans.
Even though they are tied to me,
I still manage to sniff Sally’s bum!

Isn’t that a lovely name?
(Don’t tell Ruby!).

Anyway, Sally is three years older than me.
Her people don’t need to be tied to her.
I think they behave better than my Mummy and Daddy.
So she lets them walk on their own….

Tonight, Sally saw me and RAN FAST to give me a sniff!
It was wufferly!
We sniffed and danced.
And I tied Mummy in a knot
But I don’t care!

Sally is SO beautiful and smells so good!

We’ll meet again tomorrow.

I cried when Sally walked away –
Then I cried more when Mummy started singing…
“Dexter and Sally, pee-ing in a tree,
Then K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Silly song! We weren’t kissing!
We were S-N-I-F-F-I-N-G!

Think I’ll write my own songs from now on:
“Sally. SALLY! Sniffed me in the Alley.
Come wonder, down the seafront, with me”…..

Need to sleep now so I can dream!
(Do you think Ruby can read? I’m betrothed to her.
She may be huffy).

Wuff and Wags.
Dexter x