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24th September 2021

Dexter – Day 2


You should see the size of my water bowl outside! It’s MASSIVE! And my father human is sitting in it! AND he shouts at me for doing this in the house. We will have words.

I have a NOISE! I can make is very loud when Harry the Cat wont play with me and it feels very funny in my throat.

It’s a magic noise coz it makes Harry hiss at me and Mummy person shout at me.

It makes me laugh ….

I’ve been busy today. Had to make sure the humans knew when I wanted food and where I wanted to be able to run around. I’ve made smells on their floors, so they get the big , funny animal thing out to play with me . Not sure why the animal thing likes to play on the smells and water I leave but it seems to like it. It’s not very talkative though: maybe it hasn’t found it’s bark yet?

My bed is lovely.

I have to keep checking it’s still there so I go to lie down and get snuggled by Angel, just to make sure.

Does anyone know what this long thing is which follows me around , bouncing from side to side and getting in the way? I’ve tried to chase it but I’m  not very good at circles yet. Next time I find my bark, I’ll tell it off.

Got to go….the blue thing the humans put my food in , is making a wonderful noise on the floor so am going to keep jumping into it and pushing it around until one of the humans feeds me……..

Dexter puppy, over and out.

Wuff and wags x

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