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1st January 2010

devilish designs with dust cloths….

Just when you thought the days of very sensible household hints and tips had been usurped by ‘Bang and the dirt is gone’ sort of products ie all fast and disposable, our beautiful, resourceful Susie Floozy has come up with a whole new take on being frugal while staying stylish…..

Sharing an industrial size glass of wine with Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou, after a long day of checkouts and checkins (notably one at villa Aarabella which was 3 hours late!), I noticed that Susie had tamed her curls with what looked like a new duster. I couldn’t ask her and be impolite- well I could and did and it was: she proudly showed me how she’d shrung the NEW (emphasis on this) cloth in the wash, the twisted and knotted it into this attractive style on her head! Whilst explaining the result, Susie deftly pulled off said duster and twisted it into yet another ‘interesting ‘ head band…. Not to be outdone, The Great Raymondodoulou then enthused about the use Susie had for HIS own duster: pause….should we know this?

Phew! Twas only as a sweat band for when TGR goes for long walks – but no ordinary sweat band: can be worn on the head or the wrist!

Wow! To think Susie F has been around me so very long and I had no idea how creative and clever she is. I daren’t ask how many uses she has for her other kitchen wares – though I suspect after reading this, the spatula will be put to good use on my backside!

Category: Cyprus Villas News