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1st January 2010

detecting a good friend….

Not a lot of people know that Twosheds and I are honorary members of the Cyprus “ladies detective agency” and spend as much time as we can, investigating “happens” in the area. We find that , the more time we spend sharing a bottle or two, the more crimes come to our attention and the more we are able to contemplate what may or may not have happened……its a tough job but etc….

Last time Twosheds was here, we half scared a group of men to bits by following their car with ours, around the streets of Peyia. Just when they thought it was safe to park, there we were. We took their number, Twosheds tried to sketch their faces while I pulled up alongside (avoiding knocking them off the road of course) – and we chased them all the way to the Police Station in Peyia – where they, erm, went to report two mad women for following them!….

Still, some of our cases have been solved efficiently and without too much drama – well, none of them have actually coz there haven’t really been any (apart from things going missing in our house, which we all know is Jakes fault).

Anyway, Twosheds and I take the work seriously and often exchange emails and notes on eg latest equipment we could have/tea we should be drinking and what to wear, so I wasnt’ too surprised to receive a new garment in the post today from my crazy “colleague in arms”. She is totally brilliant and has found the perfect pair of pants for me to leave on doorsteps (should I ever wish to , you understand – and you’ll have needed to read a good few blogs back to understand this blog)…..

These new pants would NEVER be associated with me! Black, slinky, sexy and frilly, they are perfect! Anyone who knows me knows I’m more a Bridget Jones style lady so if these are found, they’ll never be traced back to me. AND they’ve got a special adaption for my equipment! (No, dear reader, not THAT equipment): They’ve got a little pretty pocket on the rear, which will hold any of my spyware……………..well, assuming its tiny and doesnt’ give VPL (visible pocket line) on my already generous rear…..

Am thinking I could carry a wire in there, so Twosheds can listen in to my side of the work – but there is so much lightning around at the moment, I’ll probably get struck down and dumb!

My lippie wouldn’t fit there either – and it wouldn’t look too good putting my hand down the back of my skirt to retrieve it, would it? Twosheds recommends a notebook – and has sent an A4 size one (funny). Tony thinks I should just put these one and stay at home with him………………

When I was little, I kept my hankie in the pocket on the leg of my school drawers (I didnt’ really but my Nanna may be reading from heaven so I’ve got to pretend I did coz she bought the school knicks!).

Think I’ll just put these somewhere safe – very safe so they don’t get stuck in the leg of my jeans and get left anywhere they shouldn’t! – then I can think about what to put in the pocket……………….

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