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1st January 2010

designs on wheels

Late last night, I had a great telephone conversation with my Mum, who had been embracing generous measures of gin by the sound of things and who was trying to explain to me that sadly,, James is going to need a wheelchair as he is struggling to walk now….

Mum was concerned about the style of the chair – after all, she is English, darling and has standards , so she was explaining to me what it needed to be like…….

So, if anyone knows where we can get:
– a sturdy wheelchair, preferably in bronze colour
– upholstered seat on it (not cushioned – far too common!)
– compartment for lipstick
– another compartment for mobile phone, preferably with swivelling handle which holds said phone to ear and mouth so one can smoke whilst talking
– holster for bottle of gin and one for tonic
– lemon squeezer and ice bucket
– photos frames for grandchildren
– basket for shopping…………
oh, and if there is room for Jim to sit too, that would be great!

Category: Cyprus Villas News