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10th February 2013

Departure imminent….

There are only 4 hours, 23 mins and 5 seconds to go till Tony Without Teeth, Wicked William, Talking Tommy and Generous Jackie, leave the premises and head to the airport.

This intrepid foursome have been wonderful this morning, helping me clean for todays arrival in our home – then going out for a long breakfast so I can then do it the way I want it cleaned, LOL!

So, negotiating the drive to and from Haris Restaurant; good food and tea/coffee, no falling over kerbs or sticks; no last minute infections/breakages/headaches or other, prevailing, they’ll be safely on their way…….

The history of the Bell family is that one or the other of them ALWAYS has a last minute problem which extends their stay – maybe, god forbid, anything does go wrong, when they return to our villa and see their beds stripped and cases on the patio, they may get the message that they’ve ‘done their bit ‘ here……..

Course I’ll be very sad to see them go – and Tony is inconsolable: he’s had to drag himself into work where he’ll stay till approx. 5 mins before they are due to leave us……………

Its actually been fine – ish but its no wonder I drink!

ps If anyone needs a translator for a wrinklie who will talk through pursed toothless mouth , I’m the girl! I’ve got it sussed now! (and I must remember to tell Tony Without Teeth to put hers in before she boards the flight. Shes currently sucking eggs and bacon while they are sat here in the kitchen smiling at me!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News