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1st January 2010

delivering the message

I was shopping in Phillipos Supermarket in Peyia today and was conscious of a man following me around the aisles…….Yes, I know that many, many people go up and down the same way but I was certain this man was actually following me.

When I turned around to talk to him, he quickly turned away. When I stopped and waited for him to catch me up (by the mushy peas, no less), he stopped too and concentrated (on peaches!).

At the checkout, I was emptying my basket when I felt his eyes on me again so I turned around to “give him the look” when he said,

“You are number 95, aren’t you? You look like number 86 but number 95 has a parcel and its yours so you had better come in on Monday”………

I was confused! The man was wrapped in a very large scarf which left only the tip of his nose and eyes in view: then I realised he was the new, very young postman – and he was right: I AM 95! Well, PO Box 95! And he just wanted to let me know I had a parcel!

Great service, if a little unusual – but not so great news if I’m at the age where a young man recognises me by my PO Box number rather than my charm or wonderful fashion sense! (Mind you – thinking about it, the PO Box is in better shape! At least, its lines are still where they should be and not heading south!).

I’ve no idea who has sent me a parcel but suspect I’ll have to open it in front of the young man, who also seemed quite curious about it. Will let you know on Monday.