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31st December 2017

Decluttering and ”de story”…….

Well, it has to be done! The New Year is almost upon us and according to , ”them”, the experts in living a happier, more fulfilled life, it’s time for a, ”clear out”.

Our wardrobes in our home , are scary! Well, not scary in themselves coz they are made of very calm and friendly wood and haven’t done anything horrible to us that I can bring to mind! No, it’s looking at the contents which is scary!……

In one of our spare bedrooms; the one we ”distressed” last year to make it pretty for our gorgeous grandchildren, the wardrobes hide our 20 and 30 year old selves! There are football strips, (Tony’s!), work suits, (both of us), very small jeans, (cannot imagine either of us being able to get those on!) and ball gowns (……hmmmm)… None of these items get worn nor have they been, for many years- but they are still there!

Progressing upstairs to our old bedroom, the clothes are of our 40s: still work suits; slightly more tailored ”going out stuff” any some heavy sweaters and jackets from my dog walking in the mud days from our life in Yorkshire – and more ballgowns – only one of which I recognize!!

Our bedroom is more ”us” – but I don’t really like anything in these wardrobes, with the exception of the clothes I’ve bought for Molly Mou dog over the years when she’s had an injury or accident and needed to have stitches protected….

So, it’s a conundrum: do we de clutter and give away/throw away the older items – or are we discarding memories and part of our lives so far? …….maybe hang on to everything for another year then move to another bedroom and start to reflect on the clothes we wore in our 50s……..

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